How It Works

1. Online Consult

In-person clinic visits are expensive and time consuming. Skip the visit and provide our veterinarians with the info they need — all from the comfort of your home.
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2. Vet Prescribed Treatment

Our vets will match your pet with the safest, most effective flea and tick treatment plan tailored to their unique needs.
Meet the expert veterinarians that will be helping you.

3. Monthly Deliveries

Giving your pet their medication every month is essential to ensure they're protected from fleas & ticks. Get the right dose of medication delivered to your door monthly so you never miss a treatment.
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Articles & Resources

Dog owner patting a golden retriever's head
Dog Health
6 Minute Read

What To Do if Your Dog Has Fleas

If you’ve noticed your dog itching more than usual or small black specks in their fur, these may be early signs of a flea infestation. While these symptoms can seem minor at first, fleas can lead to more serious health concerns that can harm your dog and infest other pets and people in your house.
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Tick on a green leaf
Dog Health
7 Minute Read

What Is the Best Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs?

As a pet owner, keeping your furry friends healthy and happy is a top priority. One essential aspect of pet health is ongoing flea and tick prevention. These pesky parasites can cause significant discomfort and serious health issues for both your pets and your family. It’s important to figure out the right treatment plan for your pet before you have a pest issue.
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Golden retriever laying his head on his paws
Dog Health
6 Minute Read

My Dog Sounds Like He Has a Hairball

You’re probably used to your dog greeting you with joyful yips or barking at a squirrel in the yard, but what happens when they start making more concerning noises? You may wonder why your dog is coughing or sounds like they have a hairball.
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