Refunds, Cancellation, and Shipping

Initial orders

After our veterinarian reviews your pet's information, they will either prescribe a fitting medication or deny the prescription. If the vet does not provide a prescription for you, your order will be refunded and you will not be charged for an ongoing subscription. Once you complete the payment page, the first shipment is final and cannot be canceled.

Modifying or canceling a refill

You can cancel a refill order by emailing us at at least 72 hours before your fulfillment date. After that time, the refill shipment is final and cannot be canceled. We will respond via email to confirm that your refill has been cancelled.

For any questions, cancellations, or other issues please contact us at

Refund and Return Policy

Once a package is dispensed by the pharmacy, it cannot be canceled, returned or refunded. Federal law prohibits pharmacies from accepting returns or exchanges on prescriptions, to protect the integrity of the medication and the health of the patients. If you think you received an order in error, are experiencing delays with a shipment, or have questions about your order, please email us at